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Enjoy the new Inneov - Diet Partnet commercial.

Client: Innéov Spain

Info: Motion + After Effects

Media: YouTube Innéov + Web

Get a taste of the ISABELA experience!

Client: Isabela Gourmet Market
Info: Corporate Video
L´ORÉAL PARIS: Merry Christmas

Web competition to guess "Your beauty secret".

Client: L´Oréal Paris Spain

Info: 65,000 views on YouTube

Media: L´Oréal Paris ´s YouTube Channel / L´Oréal Paris Spain´s Web


Commercial for the Make-up Schools of Giorgio Armani exclusively at El Corte Inglés.

Agency: enfoquelumiere

A four minute corporate video for SITA, a SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT company, depicting how the population can live and recycle waste effectively.

Client: SITA
Info: This is a trailer version.
Format: Design Illustrator, Animation After Effects
ONO - TiVo
The new ONO smart TV, TiVo, launching spot.

Agency: Enfoquelumiere
Media: Web / ONO Channel
Format: Design Illustrator, Animation After Effects
100 years of L´Oréal Paris

Web Ad to promote 100 years of L´Oréal Paris through a Web competition via YouTube.

Client: L´Oréal Paris Spain

Info: 67,000 views in YouTube

Media: YouTube micro-site / L´Oréal Paris Spain


Discover the first Virtual Wardrobe Costumes for smartphones. Choose a costume with your camera!

Client: BT Costumes

Info: Free app / 4 costumes categories

Download: Click here!


Welcome to Alsa Premium.

Agency: TBWA

Info: Introducing a new Bus Concept

Virtual Tour ISABELA
Discover ISABELA, the new gourmet market of Madrid.

Client: Isabela Gourmet Market
Info: 3D video
Format: AutoCad, 3D Studio

Viral Web Commercial for the release of the videogame "Bayonetta"  and its Fan Club.

Agency: enfoquelumiere
Info: 25,000 views in 4 weeks

Media: YouTube and other video channels.

L´ORÉAL PARIS: Beauty Hunter

Web competition to find the perfect girl to represent "Crème Gloss"©.

Client: L´Oréal Paris Spain

Info: 17,000 views YouTube

Media: L´Oreál Paris ´s YouTube Channel

SONY - Bloggie

Viral Commercial for the release of the new Sony Bloggie through a YouTube competition.

Agency: enfoquelumiere / Havas Media
Info: 65,000 views

Media: YouTube Micro-site of the competition

Protección de Datos

Viral campaign to prevent the misuse of social networks among teenagers.

Client: The Data Protection Agency of Madrid.

Info: TV Commercial + 93,000 views YouTube.

Media: TV, Internet, Social networks

CAMON: El primo que sabe

Branded Series (3 episodes) to promote the CAMON (Caja Mediterráneo) cultural centres in Madrid.

Client: Caja Mediterráneo

Media: YouTube / Web Page CAMON


A teaser trailer promoting the release of the book "Aprendiendo a ser mala" (How to be a bad girl).

Client: La Esfera de los Libros

Info: Well accepted in social networks in Spain + facilitated release of the second book.


Mock ad for the new perfume "République", a 20 second demo.

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